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Ideas for Potty Training a Boxer Puppy

The boxer breed is usually energetic and intelligent in approach. These dogs mostly display attention-seeking behaviour and love it when their owners are pleased with them. They are generally quick in learning but they can get stubborn and might not be willing to do any particular thing. Boxer puppies need potty training and other types of training very early in their life as with age they tend to get difficult to control or train. The earliest thing to do is get him ready for this training.

The First Step:                                

Your boxer puppy should reach a minimum of seven weeks when you get started with his potty training so that he is able to learn and walk. You should get started as soon you can with the training. In case your pup reaches 12 or more weeks in age you will find it tough to make them learn anything. He will already have bad habits developed that cannot be broken easily.

Find a convenient location within the yard so that it can act as your Boxer puppy’s permanent outdoor bathroom. Make sure that your pup goes to this same location every time he gets the urge to attend nature’s call. You should not get your pup confused by changing the location again and again during the potty training sessions.

Conversing With the Puppy:

Talk to your pup and tell him every time you take him out for potty training, “let us go potty’. Place the ‘dog collar’ on your pup and make sure the leash is attached to his collar. With the help of this leash lead your pup to the exact location you had selected for his potty. Stay around this location until your pup is done with his potty. This will complete most part of the potty training of boxer pup.Boxer in Training

Now, after he is done praise him for following your instructions by saying, ‘good job’ and then treat him with some delicacy. If you reward your pup every time in this way after he completes his bathroom job you will find that the potty training is a success.

Maintaining a Routine:

Make a daily routine to take your Boxer pup outdoor for bathroom purpose at the exact time each day. Your pup needs to visit the bathroom every day in the morning after the night’s rest, after he has played for some good time, after his drinks and meals and once before he hits the sack. If you can manage to regulate his feeding schedule you will be able to tell his potty timings and thus regularise his potty training.

Keep repeating the process till such time your pup does not mess your house any longer. If your yard is fenced-in the pup can be left without any leash for his potty time. However, thetraining process can last several weeks for complete success.

Do Not Confuse:

The training should be regular and consistent. The same steps should be applied every time in the same manner. Puppies learn faster through repetition so it will not be difficult to get him to learn this as well. You will only get him confused with new instructions or new locations every time while taking him out for potty. Always look for signs from your pup when he requires using the bathroom. If he gets fidgety and sniffs around, whimpers, circles or scratches on your door, you will know that he has to go potty.

You can also buy dog crate in case you are unable to carry out the potty training all the time. Ensure that the crate is sufficiently large for accommodating your pup. Separate crate training too will be required for ensuring that your pup does not mess up your entire house every time he has to potty.

Do not punish or hurt your pup in any way if he makes a mistake as it only hinders your training process. You can instead ignore him and clean up the mess then and there. And remember to stay patient to make sure the training is a success.

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